Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a treatment that has been evolving for around 4,000 years when it was part of Ayurvedic medicine.  Modern Indian Head Massage is known for its gentle nature bringing improvements to a range of common issues such as stress, tension, headaches, sinuses and fatigue. I can also help to relieve aching jaws, muscle knots, tinnitus, stimulate the lymphatic system, mobilise joints and more.  When combined with oils it also also balance skin, help with dry hair and help bring relief to common dermatological issues such as psoriasis.

The above is achieved through massage as Indian Head Massage covers more than just the head it also includes massage of the neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands and face.  Additionally there is manipulation of the pressure points of the face and finger nails, as well as running energy into the following chakras to balance a persons energy throughout the body: crown, third eye, eyes, throat, ears and shoulders.

The treatment is further enhanced through the use of oils selected during the consultation to meet the treatment needs of the client; whether it is to sooth aching muscles, clear the sinuses or help damaged hair or restore skins moisture levels.

Area of Treatment

body diagram - ihm.jpg

Head, Face, Neck Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms and Hands.