Privacy Policy

The document below sets out the Privacy Policy of Moonlight Healing, what data we collect in the course of running our business, how we use it and what safe guards we put in place to protect your data.

Data We Collect and Purpose

When you book your first Reiki Session via our Booking Form, Email or Telephone we will collect the following information:

Your Name - So that we know who you are.

Email Address and Telephone Number - So that we can contact you to remind you of your appointment.

Allergies - So that we can ensure we do not offer any refreshments that may be harmful to you and take any appropriate steps to remove or imit any allegens in the studio.


Data Safeguarding


There are two types of cookies that are used on this website to enable various functions to work correctly:

Session Cookies

Session Cookies only last for the duration of your visit to the website and are then automatically removed by your web browser.  They are typically used to track your across the website, such as from selecting a service to the booking calendar and finally to booking page.  Or if you use a logged in service so we can track you between pages, so any services you use are correctly linked to your account.

Persistent Cookies

These are Cookies that last longer than you visit to the website, such as the Cookie Pop up will save a cookie to remember that it has already displayed the message to you.  They usually have an expiry date set and will automatically be removed by your web browser when that date is reached.

Below are the Cookies we use on our website:

www.moonlighthealing (,,,,, (Google Analytics)