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I am delighted to see the very positive review that has been published by Sam Briffett in The Deans Magazine January 2019 edition and delighted to hear her experience of Reiki was beneficial.

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Moonlight Healing Reiki Review
It’s lovely to get out of the office and visit local businesses and people with a view to writing an article about the experience so this month I went to see Jane at her home based Moonlight Healing Reiki Clinic.
Reiki is something I know very little about so I walked in with no preconceived ideas, Jane welcomed me and explained very briefly it’s history and purpose; it originates in Japan where it was developed by a man named Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20􀇦􀇚 Century. What surprised me was when Jane explained that in the process I’m the healer and she conducts the energy through me.
Reiki involves the lightest of touches to various parts of your body (nowhere intimate, and you keep your clothes on). I hopped up on the couch and Jane began, my early thoughts were that it was relaxing and pleasant but not much more than that, then she got to my forehead area and I wondered if she had suddenly put her hands on a hidden heater as they were almost hot, but no she moved to my cheeks and I could feel that they were normal body temperature. Later the same things happened to my hips, shoulders and left wrist, it was as if her hands had suddenly grown really warm. Another thing I experienced was an elevated breathing rate when Jane was working on my lower chest, this subsided as she moved away from this point.
Your eyes are closed during a Reiki session and I experienced alternating vivid blue to blackness, my mind was clear but only at the very end did I start feeling like I could fall asleep.
The experience was fascinating and I just had to discuss it with Jane, who explained that the heat I felt was energy flowing, seeing colours is common and people can experience virtually the entire rainbow! In addition Jane said that she felt drawn to my left wrist - remember what I said about feeling heat there, it occurred to me that the month before I had experienced a bad fall while skateboarding (yes I know I’m far too old for such nonsense!) which involved slamming down on my left hand and elbow, both of which would probably have been broken if I wasn’t wearing the appropriate protective clothing, my wrist is still tender from this if I apply pressure to it such as pushing a heavy door closed, etc.
The space Jane has set up for her Moonlight Healing clinic is warm and welcoming, with gentle lighting and soft music in the background. Jane immediately impressed me as someone who is passionate about what she does and cares about the well being of others. By the time the Reiki session had finished I was even more impressed that she really knows what she is doing.
Moonlight Healing is open Thursday through to Sunday and every evening during the week.
A Reiki session costs £40 and takes about 45 minutes 15 minute taster sessions are available free. On Fridays Jane offers Reiki by donation in order to make it accessible to people on low incomes.
The clinic is based in Rottingdean with easy parking nearby and a bus stop right outside.
Contact information:
07395 83 2085

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