Xmas Season

It’s the season to be jolly, with wine, party and cheer.

It’s a season that should be fun and stress free, but all the expectations can be a bit too much. During this season it is important to give yourself a bit of “you time” to recover from socialising, partying and of cause Xmas shopping.

Let’s make the most of Xmas; some quick and easy tips:

  1. Rest between parties so your body has time to recover and you can enjoy the festive season;

  2. Drink plenty of water, especially if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage;

  3. Shops are quietest before 11am; enjoy an empty shop and break with a visit to your favourite cafe with less queuing;

  4. Have a walk - it keeps your mood up and promotes overall wellbeing;

  5. If you can avoid alcohol as much as possible, as it can lower your mood the next day;

  6. Finally it is the dark season put some lights on. If necessary get advise on a mood light that can simulate sun lights.

💆‍♂️ You can book in for a relaxing reiki session and Indian Head Massage with me any day up to Xmas Eve.

Have an amazing time everyone.

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