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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

As the nights draw in and the mornings get more difficult to wake to, it may be time to improve our quality of sleep.

Improving the quality of our sleep is a great way to improve our mood, energy levels, concentration and general health.

So lets start with two easy steps:

1. Using a phone/tablet before bed?

Try avoiding your phone/tablet for at least 2 hours before bed. Most screens emit a blue light that affects your circadian rhythm and suppresses melatonin levels so keeping you awake. You are also likely working or playing a game so your brain is engaged rather than slowing down in preparation for sleep.

2. Coffee?

Tea and coffee are great stimulations and can be useful on occasions, but a stimulated mind is not helpful for sleep. One thing we can do is to avoid tea and coffee for at least 6 hours before bed; this because the half life of caffeine is around 5 hours (varies slight between individuals), so by the time you go to bed that coffee you had 6 hours ago will have half in strength giving you a much better chance of drifting off to sleep natural and sleeping through the night.

Sweet dreams everyone...

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