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As light returns to our world following the dark days of winter and the glittering Xmas decorations are but a distant memory this is a good opportunity to remember to live well.

When Dr Usui started offering Reiki to the people of Tokyo in the early 1920s he noticed that the people he helped quickly became ill again. Dr Usui became convinced that what was causing people to relapse was the way they lived their lives. To help people to make a sustained recovery he developed the Reiki Precepts that read:

Just for today:

* do not get angry

* do not worry

* show appreciation

* be kind to others

* work hard on yourself

These guides are helpful at moderating the negativity in our lives and bringing the positive aspects to the surface.

Just for today

Take each day as it comes, and learn the lessons from that day to incorporate into the next.

Do not get angry

Occasionally we will get angry, it is part of human nature. But we can observe where the angry came from, pause and see a sensible way of resolving the cause. This helps use feel

more in control, calm, have better relationships with people around us and maintain our health.

Do no worry

Every day there are things happening that we cannot effect or can change. Being aware of what we can and cannot do can help us to handle situations better; plan to deal with the problem, reduce its effect, known when to ask for help, or accept it for what it is and move on.

Show appreciation

In our modern world we are flooded with adverts and told what we need. Let’s pause and be grateful for what we actually have. You will realise you have achieved a lot in life and have much to appreciate. You will feel happier letting go of the expectation of accumulation.

Be kind to others

This can be expanded to be kind to all living things and the planet we live on. Have you ever noticed when you do something kind you feel warm inside? Being kind helps to kindle love and promote wellbeing in yourself.

Work hard on yourself

This does not mean work longer hours; it is focused more on looking after yourself. So meditation, exercise, eating well, learning, resting, etc things that improve you as a person and keep you fit and healthy.

The above is a quick summary, if you meditate on each precept you find more personal ways each can apply to you.

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